Only seven pre-Columbian feather-work artifacts have remained until today. In its almost 500 years of history the controversial piece known as “Montezuma feather headdress”, currently sheltered at the Weltmuseum in Vienna, has suffered a series of interventions that influenced its structure, shape and dynamic properties. The binational and multidisciplinary scientific study carried out between 2010 and 2012 by Mexico and Austria, has revealed the original manufacture technology made by Mesoamerican amantecas, and the footsteps of previous restorations. Among these, the one performed in 1878 stands out as giving the deep and permanent affectation that it brought to this unique object. In recent work, which included the condition report, the definition of the conservation concept, and the conservation/restoration processes, detection of historical restorations play an important role concerning the appearance of the artifact today. They have become part of the object and can be seen as testimonies of their time.

Las restauraciones históricas del Penacho del México Antiguo.  
M. O. Moreno Guzmán & M. R. Korn

pag. 225–246 (Abril 2014)